I praise loudly. I blame softly.

Catherine the Great

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We draw from both ancient and modern wisdom and a wide range of philosophies and skills. Much of what we teach is rooted in the work of Dr. C. G. Jung. We continually look for practical ways to apply all this wisdom and to our lives both personally and in business. Based on years of experience and positive feedback we know that the ideas that follow, when applied, can produce extraordinary results.

The central pillar of the Foundation philosophy is that life will not confront us with anything that we can not deal with. All that is often required is for us to call on our own abilities.


The educational system that has brought many individuals to adulthood has not equipped us with the awareness of what it means to thrive as a human being.

People are complex beings that bring their spouses, children, parents, fears, passions and dreams to every situation in which they find themselves.

This complexity is an essential part of all of us. It cannot be escaped or avoided. We simply cannot exist without it. Dealing with this complexity does not require difficult or involved training.

Every individual is capable of achieving much better results. Once the individual becomes aware of this complexity as well as their own unique abilities and talents, that same individual is capable of achieving very rapid changes in their attitudes and hence their results.

A change of attitude will have an equally rapid change effect on patterns of behaviour. Maintaining these changes in the face of previously learnt habits and knee-jerk reactions is not easy.   

The ability to maintain the change requires the experiential re-learning of skills and techniques. When our innate abilities are called forth and coupled with these life changing skills, it is possible to enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life. 

What is learnt through experience will always be part of us. What applies to the individual applies equally to the organization.

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Agreement with the views expressed on this site is NOT a requirement. What is expected is that you will re-examine your existing belief systems and then decide for yourself. Feel free to write to Christopher and express your views at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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