Demand punishment for the truly guilty, especially their leaders. Please realize, however, that many of our military people have taken the Iraqis into their hearts, doing all possible to try to alleviate their suffering. They are troubled when they come home at the death and injury to the innocent that they have witnessed. The war is not the fault of those at whose feet we lay it. Welcome them back, and encourage them in their readjustment. Don't give them an empty thanks for their service and walk away; demand from your government that their medical and psychological needs be met.

Doug Nelson,

Our New Fee Structure PDF Print E-mail

The Harlequin Experience :

Options Descriptions

Split Option

 R 10 000.00

Harlequin Only : Full Payment R4 500.00

Chalice Only : Full Payment of  R5 500.00

Decision Maker:

R 7500.00

Harlequin & Chalice paid in full

Monthly Payments Option:

R 8 400.00

Six (6) payments of R 1 400 - 00

Your payments must be up to date before completing Chalice.

Family  Discounts
Direct Family:
Brothers, Sisters, Mom or Dad.
Dependent Children:
Parent must have done Harlequin & Chalice

Please Call the Office

Partner Discount

 Please Call the Office



Please Note:

Attempting to squeeze us for a discount or taking advantage of extended payment when you do not have to simply makes it more difficult for Foundation to support others who need that financial support.

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