A fact of My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and no doubt countless other atrocities is that when the cause is rotten, the rot filters down to everyone involved in it. The cause for which my generation was sent to Viet Nam was a false one, later admitted by those who orchestrated it. Those of us who did our duty in Viet Nam enabled our country to poison the land and water of that poor country with an especially virulent form of dioxin, Agent Orange. We would need hundreds of Memorial Walls to contain the names of the Vietnamese killed in that foolish war.

Doug Nelson, truthout.org

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If your mind can conceive of it you can achieve it


Foundation has 20 years experience of guiding thousands of people toward improving all seven areas basic to our lives. Through a wealth of knowledge, and a heartfelt desire to do so, we allow people to get in touch with their true potential and how to utilize their power to create more fulfilling lives.

Optimum is now available to both private and corporate. We work with the unique human ability and the concept of: CHANGE YOUR MIND. We  can do this INSTANTLY. When you change your mind, you change your results... this is the gift that Optimum offers to you.

  •  Optimum is practical techniques
  •  Optimum is outcomes based.
  • Optimum is like nothing else you have ever seen 


Make it possible for you and your staff to reach their full potential.  Equip yourself and them with the tools to create a positive outcome in any situation they are faced with. You will most likely also have some fun in the process!   

It is time to take your life back! 


If you have already done work with Foundation you will find this day a wonderful and exciting refresher for what you learnt !





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