This notion of a "Christian" nation, and our constant lip service to "freedom and justice for all" have made our country a sick joke in the rest of the civilized world. Our history of violence against women, blacks, Native Americans, immigrants, dissenters, and religious minorities surfaces through every crack in our national foundation. No sooner do we identify a "threat" or an enemy, whether it is believers in Islam, abortion providers, immigrants, or marijuana users, than someone is proposing rounding them up, putting them in jail or worse.

Doug Nelson,

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Love in the Workplace

Let us make it possible for employees to feel valued for who they are and not only for what they can do.

That headline is likely to draw the eye of the voyeur, the prurient, the sanctimonious and perhaps even the wistfully hopeful. Sadly not too many will take the idea of Love in the Workplace very seriously. Is there anyone out there who feels that they can do without love in their lives? Probably, and I am not sure that - if they are being truly honest - that I would like to have them in my space. So let us not bother with them. Let us talk to the other billions, who really as a prime and basic human need and want, with all their hearts, to both love and be loved.

There is a problem. Simple arithmetic will show that there are – roughly – 7 times 15 or 105 waking hours in the week for most people. Of these – again roughly – 5 times 10 (including travelling) or 50 hours are spent in the work place. This is more or less half our conscious time. For some of us this is a heavy underestimate. During this office time love is neither discussed, used, nor even highly regarded. Will anyone who can recall any discussion in their organisation, at any level; of love as a legitimate business tool please be in immediate touch. We would love (sic) to hear from you!

Business has turned its back on one of the great driving forces of human nature. If business wants to enhance profitability by simply getting more out of its most valuable asset – its people - then this is one of the great challenges. How do we bring Love into the workplace? How do we make people feel valued?

In a survey commissioned a while back by one of our large FMCG groups, it was concluded, that within weeks of taking up their appointment, most employees brought no more than about 10% off the talents that they were employed for in the first place, to the workplace. People simply did not see the point. Imagine the effect on the bottom line if this input could be increased to 20%!  I believe it can be done. 

The work is aimed at management where we will look at hardnosed techniques designed to achieve this goal. We will go through 12 practical techniques for management to use themselves and then trickle down to their subordinates.


Presenter and Facilitator

We have, each and every one of us, all the resources we need to solve whatever comes to us both now and in the future. What we require are the skills to simply call on those resources when they are needed. It is not so much a matter of changing people as rather getting them to work with the abilities and talents that are inherent in them already.  It is out of this conviction that FOUNDATION offers a wide variety of workshops and seminars for both the individual and the world of business that are designed to call forth what we already have in abundance.  Christopher Nevill: Founder of Foundation. His work is internationally respected and honoured. He consults to organisations both large and small here in South Africa as well as Europe and the United Kingdom. He has a reputation for approaching matters that concern us all both personal and business, from a different angle. His methods are effective and produce swift, often startling results. 

Some comments on Christopher’s work
“We were looking for a different approach to this very tricky and delicate subject. Christopher has helped us craft a fresh and original approach coupled with useful and practical techniques.”
J – Director, IT Company
 “Christopher’s approach is robust and not always comfortable. However as he will tell you himself, agreement is not required. What is required is that you examine what you believe to be right against your results. The work is at the same time practical and useful. Stimulating.”
W – Senior Change Manager FMCG Company
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