Is there any man, is there any woman, let me say any child here that does not know that the seed of war in the modern world is industrial and commercial rivalry?

US President Woodrow Wilson

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Q: What is Harlequin all about?


A: This is the most common question asked and it is the most difficult to answer to the satisfaction of the asker.


what is harlequin all about ?

This is the most common question asked and it is the most difficult to answer to the satisfaction of the asker.

  • Harlequin is about the things we were never taught at school, by our peers or by our parents.
  • Harlequin is about taking your power back, in your relationships, your job, your love life, being a parent, your financial success and in your life.
  • Harlequin is simply about Awareness and the Results you produce in your life.
  • Harlequin is about:
      • The value of Mistakes
      • Choice
      • Responsibility
      • The things you know and the things you do not know that you do not know
      • Who you are
      • Your place in this world
      • And more

what will harlequin do for me ?

The Harlequin Experience will equip you with practical tools to take charge of all events in your life. Harlequin creates a support system. This is to support you to get more out of life, no matter what results you are currently creating, Harlequin simply supports you to get more out of everything. 

Why is Harlequin so difficult to describe?

Harlequin is a direct experience process, without the direct experience anything is difficult to describe.Trying to describe an experience is like:

  • Describing the colour blue to a blind person.
  • Like describing the feeling of what it feels like to skydive.

Although you could get to some detail by just describing it or by reading about it you could never replace it with the actual experience, the description of it is vague and artificial. Each person’s experience is subjective.

Why is there so much mystery about Harlequin from those who have completed it, they cannot answer any of my questions?

A:  Remember they have just experienced the process and this makes it a difficult task for them to describe The Harlequin Experience. We play some games on Harlequin and which are full of insight into how we as human beings behave, telling you the answer to these games will just destroy your experience and the insights you may have  Harlequin If they do not answer all your questions, take this as a massive compliment. They obviously got value out of it and care enough for you not to destroy your experience when you attend Harlequin. It also seems that no matter what the answer is from a Harlequin graduate it is never satisfactory to those who are sceptical about the process anyway. For a better description give the office a call.

How can Harlequin improve my life?

It is the actual Harlequin process. Through participating in the games, processes and lecture interaction we explore how life works, where our behaviour comes from and how to remove obstacles from our lives. Through insights and realisations the process moves you to a space where everything becomes possible and empowers you to remove the blockages which keep you stuck where you are.

Why Are People Different After They Have Done Harlequin And Why Is It Difficult To Relate To Them After Harlequin?

Simply, after anyone has had an heightened experience, they are different. Different is not a bad thing, it is just different. Through the insights and realisations which The Harlequin Experience provides, your awareness is heightened, this Heightened Awareness is difficult to understand by those who have not participated in the experience.

Not everyone has trouble relating to someone who has done Harlequin, it only seems difficult to relate to them by those who do not get the space from which they are coming from.  You cannot relate to them because they are where you are not, they can still relate to you, because they were once where you are.For example: If I said I was angry or scared, you will have no difficulty relating to what I am experiencing simply because you have experienced Fear and Anger yourself. It is just this which keeps you relating to someone who has completed Harlequin, simply you have not experienced what they have experienced.Your new friends never ask you: “Why are you like you are?” They just know you for how you are and not how you were.

Is this a cult?

Hahaha! (LOL) No!               

The word culture derives from the word “cult”. It is our own negative associations with this word which makes a cult effectively bad. There are negative cultures like gangs and the extreme ones where they make you drink poisonous cool aid. There are cults or cultures which have a massive positive influence like meditation groups, people against crime and going to the gym.  Look at the definition of a “cult”:Cult (kult)Noun:  A system of religious worship or ritualDevoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, or lifestyle, esp. when regarded as a fad.

A group of followers; A sect

So based on this definition there are so many things which fall into this category. If you belong to a book club, you are in a particular cult, your group of friends, religions, political parties and rugby teams etc... Even corporate companies have their own particular culture. The negative cults promote isolation, limited access to information and negate any information outside of their own. Foundation promotes self investigation and constant development. As Wolfe, Tom (Thomas Kennerley) puts it: A cult is a religion with no political power. I should ask you: What cults do you belong to?


I heard Harlequin breaks up relationships. Is this true?

I have seen The Harlequin Experience make and repair relationships over and over, I have yet to see it break one. The relationship which breaks up after Harlequin is the one which is already broken. It seems that it is human nature to wait to do Harlequin only as a last resort, unfortunately after the bitterness has already set in it is a difficult task to magically repair it. A vast majority bring their existing partner or one they attract after their Harlequin to participate in The Harlequin Experience to ensure they have a powerful, positive and developing relationship with their partner.


If my partner does Harlequin, should I do it?

It is not essential that you do Harlequin after your partner has completed it. It is however, recommended that if one partner does Harlequin that the other partner follows for two simple reasons:It is a wonderful thing to be able to share your life and your greatest experiences with the one you love.If it is important to them, then why not participate in Harlequin, you only have lots to gain, nothing to lose.


I want them to stay the same, why can’t they just do that?

Why would you want to hold anyone back, what are you afraid of? It is human nature to resist change and when someone close to you (family, friends) change, it is you who want them to stay the same and often to change back to what you are used to be, this is your own comfort zone reacting to the change and your own conditioning wanting things to stay the same even when the only constant we have in our lives is change. The seasons change, we change, we grow, we get fat, we get thin. We are in a constant state of change. But, these changes are subtle and gradual and have become accepted as a part of our lives. The results from The Harlequin Experience are immediate and often times startling to those who have become comfortable and used to with their own treadmill behaviour. It seems amazing to me why those close to us often resist us the most.


Why is it Called The Harlequin Experience and not one of the common names which are out there ?

This is because Harlequin in not like anything else out there. The Harlequin Experience works on all levels, Logical, Emotional and Spiritual, it takes everything into account from structure (body, brain etc.) to purpose and the energy which drives it all. Most of the other works only focus on the structure of the brain and deal with certain of these aspects


OKAY! you still have not answered me to my satisfaction. what do you do in harlequin? how does doing this change my life ?

As I said, some people cannot be satisfied by any answer or amount of information. It’s like telling the child that the stove is hot, the information will never satisfy the child. The child is only satisfied why he/she should not touch the hot stove until they actually experience why. The subject is thermo dynamics, the topic is heat transference the result is a burn. All the information is in the statement: “Do not touch the hot stove it will burn you” Hot and burn are only abstract statements until you have experienced them.


So, when I say: Science or Maths, Geography or Biology, do you get what I am talking about?You know the subject, but you do not know it to the level of a Doctor or a Rocket Scientist. Yet, we see the results of the deeper understanding of these subjects. We watch the Doctors do heart transplants and by watch the Shuttle blast into Space. Knowing the mechanics behind the process is only useful to the Doctor and the Scientist, yet we are the ones who enjoy their understanding of their subject. This is the same for the Harlequin Experience, our Subject is Life and Behaviour, the topic is you, the Result is your life working better and you getting more out of life.


why do i need to do harlequin ?

You do not NEED to do Harlequin, you are not broken. You also do not need a cell phone, you do not need a car or even a bank account, yet these are tools we use every day of our lives. These tools simply enhance our experience of life, add convenience and make getting from somewhere to somewhere else a lot faster and a lot more painless.The Harlequin is just that. Why go through the same pain and frustration again and again and wait till you are 80 or 90 when you only have limited years left to enjoy the spoils of your life experience?You do not need to take a plane to London, you could most certainly walk to get there but by plain you’ll be there by the morning, if you walk, who says you will even arrive?


there seems to be a whole lot of this "course type" stuff out there, why should i do harlequin and not one of the other courses ?

We have over Twenty Years experience in this field. We work with small groups to ensure you get your value and the attention you deserve. We work with every person on an individual level and do not believe in a mass production method. Harlequin is not a seminar where you can nod off in the corner, chew mints and write notes you will never read again. Harlequin is a workshop where you can ask any question on your mind, where you get to participate, laugh, play games, you may even get emotional, one thing is for sure you will have lots of fun and if you allow yourself you are guaranteed to experience joy.


Why is the price tag for the harlequin experience so high ?

Most often you get what you pay for. We have maintained the price as low as possible and even at this price tag The Harlequin Experience is undervalued. Ask any of our graduates once completing the experience, they would pay double and often 10 times more for what they got out of The Harlequin Experience.My turn to ask you a question. How much is your life worth?If you think you cannot afford this, then you most certainly cannot afford not to do this.


who should do harlequin ?

In my unbiased opinion, everyone. (LOL).This question is like looking over the playground at a crèche and asking: Who of these children should go to school? The answer is clear: All of them. Some make it through life without going to school, some do not. As I said before, you do not need to do Harlequin. Harlequin is for people who want more of whatever it is they want whether it is more money, more fulfilment, better jobs and better relationships. We have had CEO’s to the unemployed doing Harlequin. 


what is the age limit on the harlequin experience ?

There is only a minimum age 18 (unless there are special circumstances). Other than that there is no limit we have had participants well into their 80’s completing The Harlequin Experience. One of these “mature” ladies contacted us a few years after to say: Quote: “Thank you for giving me my life back”


there are cheaper courses out there, why should i do harlequin and not one of those ?

Feel free to do anything you like, in fact we promote doing as much other work as you can and to investigate every avenue. We often get people who have done other courses and they say that they have gained more value. Over our 20 years of direct experience with people who have done other courses, we have seen the benefits and the damage of what they have done. There is value at every turn, some works have a lot of value others have the value of knowing not to do them again. The decision is yours. We are in the loop, call the office if you are unsure.

The big question is: Can you afford to do all the rest before you do this one?


Note from Andrew:

You do not need to be a Doctor or a Rocket Scientist to know that this workshop is of the finest quality and highest standard. After my own personal journey of doing a lot of extra education, engineering, psychology, personal development programs, life coaching, reading hundreds of books, retiring at the age of 28 and watching some T.V. I have not found anything yet which comes close to The Harlequin Experience. This is the very reason that after 11 years of search I have returned to this work. I have researched, tested and created my own dynamic workshops and I have made The Harlequin Experience the core of what I do.

Someone who had just completed the first part (Harlequin) once stood up in our introductions and addressed our guests and said: “If you are afraid to do Harlequin, DO IT. If you do not want to do Harlequin, DO IT. If you think Harlequin is too expensive or you do not think you cannot afford to do Harlequin DO IT. In fact whatever the reason is, DO IT” I think this statement sums up how most people feel about Harlequin.  If I have not answered all your questions or if you would just like to find out more, please give the office a call. 


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