The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein

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“Soul Work for Profit”

The work that Foundation Business does is experiential and comes from the ethic that the answers to whatever you want to create or solve for yourself, both personally and as an organisation are already inherent within you. What we provide are the tools and techniques to support you and your team in tapping into that potential. Our methodology includes, strategic analysis, profound lectures, interactive seminars, coaching techniques, fun games and processes, development of systems and structures all designed to promote a high level of self-awareness, integration, integrity, leadership, responsibility, accountability and team work.

ImageOur methodology starts with the ethos that it is people and organizations that stop themselves from achieving the best results. When they can realize this wonderful things can and do happen. The good life and excellent bottom line is not only up to the government, society or someone else. The solution lies in our own hands.

We offer a variety of tailor-made interventions to make this happen.

Typically areas that we have been asked to deal with include the following:

  • Stress Management
  • Diversity
  • Creating Structured Teams
  • Re-Focussing the Team
  • Creating Trust and Co-operation
  • Improving Communication
  • Aligning the Corporate and Personal Vision
  • Dealing with Anger and Fear

- to mention but a few.

We will work with the staff at a deeply emotional and spiritual level and this is melded with profound logic and reasoning. The word “emotion” has its roots in the two words: “energy” and “motion”. Emotions are not about “losing control”. Our work is aimed at teaching, logically and in a reasonable way, the validity of the emotions and the soul of the individual. In this way we aim to unlock the huge reservoirs of talent and ability that lie in all of us.

Foundation Business believes that it is important to align the human development work done within an organization to the company's brand identity. This creates an atmosphere where individual goals, attitudes, behaviour, values and beliefs can be thought of as in line with the company's vision. Individuals can then enter into a dialogue with the company identity. This makes the results of our intervention more meaningful and more sustainable long-term.

Lives influenced by the various experiential courses, both personal and business, offered by FOUNDATION are living testimony to the fact that effective change can happen rapidly. Our experiential method of transferring both skills and knowledge has empowered people to effect rapid and dramatic changes in their results in both their personal and business lives. We do not to merely “Band-Aid” symptoms. We have remarkable success in getting down to root cause.

Foundation Business has clients and partners in the UK, Turkey and South Africa.

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