A fact of My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and no doubt countless other atrocities is that when the cause is rotten, the rot filters down to everyone involved in it. The cause for which my generation was sent to Viet Nam was a false one, later admitted by those who orchestrated it. Those of us who did our duty in Viet Nam enabled our country to poison the land and water of that poor country with an especially virulent form of dioxin, Agent Orange. We would need hundreds of Memorial Walls to contain the names of the Vietnamese killed in that foolish war.

Doug Nelson, truthout.org

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Would you like to spice them up a little so that your people actually want to come to them? Lets face it for so long as you keep on serving up the same old pap do not expect any results to change too much either.

If you want something comfortable that does not stir the pot then Christopher is NOT for you! You may not agree with what he has to say on a very wide variety of both business and personal topics, and – guaranteed - nobody will be bored!  So if you would like your people to start to look long and hard and what and how they do things let us have a chat about the possibilities.

You name the topic and Christopher will be very frank in telling you whether or not he can add value. On the other hand if you would like some suggestions………!

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