Things they (your parents)might have told you if they had known them themselves

It is an open invitation

  1. That you owe them nothing. However that does not mean that in the interest of having a good relationship there are not certain things it is clever to do. It is true that they extended a pretty general invitation by creating a body for take over by anyone whom it suited and wanted to get on with their personal game plan. The question of whether or not you feel you could give them a “tip” or “gratuity” in some form or another for creating the opportunity for you is entirely up to you. Read more…


We talk often about the alchemical process that is life so it might be well to examine what we mean when we talk of Alchemy. Usually it is associated with old men with long beards in mysterious book-filled laboratories, surrounded by strange equipment and very busy trying to turn lead into gold. Likely with an owl as the symbol of wisdom perched somewhere in the background. This, sadly, has lead to alchemy being discredited as something more than a little off the wall and not to be taken too seriously.

This is a pity because Alchemy is where modern chemistry has its roots and it is safe to say that without the learning and discoveries of those early alchemists we would not have chemistry today. In fact we could go even further and say that despite the wonders that modern chemistry is capable of, alchemy can be regarded as superior in many ways. One thing that chemistry does not take into account and it is today being recognised as a vital factor in the world of quantum physics and that is the actual physical presence of the chemist. Alchemists recognised fully the importance of the environment in any reaction – and that included the nature, temperament and state of personal development of the alchemist. Perhaps if more recognition were given this today, we would not have so many chemicals that can only be called bad! The old alchemists, would I suspect, be appalled at some of the stuff coming out of our modern laboratories. We have fallen into a most dangerous and seductive trap – because, as human beings, we CAN do something, we believe that we MAY.

The word alchemy has an interesting etymology. It is Arabic in origin as one would expect as the science has come down to us via Arab scholars. The prefix “Al” meaning simply “of” or “from”. The “chem” part is an ancient Egyptian word – predating the Arabic that is spoken in that country today – and means “the black land”. This is a reference to the annual flooding that took place when the Nile deposited quantities of the life-giving black mud that it brought down from central Africa. This was a truly transformative process that brought life back to Egypt and allowed that country to achieve the pre-eminent position it held in ancient times. With the construction of the Aswan Dam this process no longer happens.

The operative word here is “transformative” and it is this process that so fascinated the alchemists. Did some of them concern themselves to attempting to turn lead into gold? No doubt and it is interesting that atomically there is not that much difference between lead and gold and they are often found in close association with each other. There is more than a little evidence to suggest that some of them may even have succeeded. Perhaps – and we need not bother ourselves here with the reality or otherwise of that – you could have a fascinating time exploring that aspect yourself. If you wish to pursue this I suggest you make a start with the works of a much misunderstood, intellectual giant of the Middle Ages, Paracelsus.

Certainly Paracelsus and other were fascinated by the straightforward chemical processes that could be set in motion by the combination of a variety of substances. This process resulted in the amazing appearance of totally new substances. Much as we do today in our hi-tech laboratories. What really interested the serious alchemist however was how this transformative process could be applied to the human psyche. It was this latter thinking that caught Dr. C. G. Jung’s attention and he devoted a great deal of time and intellectual energy to the unravelling of the language of ancient alchemical treatises into the language of modern psychology.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the alchemist’s laboratory was the alembic. This was the container or still in which the chemical process were contained and took place. The operative word is “container” and just as no sensible process can take place in the laboratory without a suitable container or alembic so it is with our lives.

These days there is a lot of talk about the necessity of having definable goals and the validity of this cannot sensibly be disputed. Equally we all know that, too often, once we have achieved a goal it often no longer appears to have the value that it seemed when we set out. Why? We need to take the process of goal setting a step further. Unless the goals are contained in the alembic or the personal Vision we have for our lives then the goals we set will be neither satisfying nor useful for the simple reason that they will not be truly relevant and will therefore add little value to our lives.

This is one of the great challenges that face all of us. What is our alembic or to use a more modern term what is your Vision for your life?

Do we really need a relationship with God?

For so long as we see God, Allah, Jehovah, Brahma,Life – call it what you will – as somehow separate from us,  a No-thing, that we have to work hard at having a relationship with,  we make a mock of the concept that we have thrust at us on a daily basis – THAT GOD ( and all the other words that we use) IS PART OF US AND WE ARE PART OF GOD.  If I am part of that God and that god is part of me, then there is no separateness and therefore there can be no relationship to work on. What I do have to work at is simply expressing that divinity of which we are all a part and which is in each and every one of us. For so long as I feel that I have to work at the relationship with God then I deny the promise contained in the words of Jesus of Nazareth at John 10:34 “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Gods?” and again at 10:38 “that the Father is in me and I in him”.
We are surrounded at every level with the effects of this belief in the separateness of God/Life from us. The planet that is our home is rapidly becoming less and less habitable and less suitable to our purposes as heap abuse after abuse on Mother Nature. We no longer see ourselves  as part of Mother Nature. There is also more than a little evidence to suggest that the very fabric of our society is also beginning to unravel as we heap abuse after abuse on each other. We have also lost our sense of community.  I like to feel that we would not be doing to the planet what we are doing if we simply saw the planet as part of the same God/Life as we are. I like to feel that we would simply not treat those that look and believe different to us in the way that we do, if we saw them also, as part of the same God/Life as we are. Surely we would not be that stupid? I am afraid we are! A school boy who is just approaching puberty, came back to his parents, whom I know, in a state of shock after his teacher in Religious Studies had told him that a Buddhist Monk would surely burn in the Christian hell for his beliefs! It would seem we are that stupid! Sadly we are seeing a great deal of this type of thinking where if a thought process or belief differs from yours then that other person must be killed – in the name of God!
Is the answer too frightening for the Churches? – and I am also speaking of the Jewish and the Muslim “churches” though I am very aware they do not have the same formality of structure as the Christians.  Are they afraid that if we actually realised that we all have to do is be the Divinity that we already are, then a great deal of the structure that they have created would become obsolete and unnecessary? The way for us to realise – make real – that Divinity can only be through us and our own introspection and effort and not because of the interference of any outside agency however well intentioned. Do they fear that this would then make them superfluous? Would it really? Perhaps all they would need to do is change their roles in our lives.   Priest, Rabbis, Mullahs would then rather become facilitators to support us in calling forth what is already latent in us rather than attempting  to beat us into the shape they feel is required  by some dogma or another. This is the real meaning of the word education – to call forth. And is this not what God wants? For us to simply be as Marianne Williamson says:
“ brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” (Marianne Williamson)

Cold as Witches ***? Polar conditions? Could be!


One of the more persistent ideas that circulate is that our physical world, otherwise known as Mother Earth, is stable and largely unchangeable. We believe that and that it has been the way that it is for a very long time in the past and is going to stay the way that it is for an equally long time in to the future. We have this vague idea that the seasons and general climate will keep on going around in much the same way as they are at present and that tomorrow things will be pretty much they way they were yesterday.

We hold on to this idea despite the large volume of evidence, both scientific and mythological, to the complete contrary. An enormous amount of what we like to think of as hard scientific evidence that tells us in no uncertain terms that the polarity of Mother Earth has changed several times. Scientists have been able to demonstrate that right now there are sweeping changing taking place in the magnetic field of Mother Earth and no one is quite sure of what the effects of this are going to be. Read more…

Ten Points to Ponder

  1. Life has no interest in you failing and will not confront you with something you cannot deal with.
  2. Life is not meant to be easy. Paradise is very boring. We enjoy the complications.
  3. Experience is the ultimate teacher. Time to get up and do something.
  4. Change is simple – Change your Mind and change your results
  5. Change is not easy to maintain and will require support and the learning of new techniques
  6. Most of what you have been taught does not work that well
  7. Happiness is the road not a destination.
  8. Love is the result of our actions and not the cause of anything.
  9. Without Love what is the point?
  10. The only difference between our business and personal life is one of degree

When Abuse is not Abuse

This was written as a reply to the letter I received above. I believe what is said could be of service to many men and women out there. I look forward to your comments.


Hmmm and obviously this is the way it was meant to come out – so that we have to do it via writing. All survivors come to the crash and burn point – and then survive it. Literally “to live above or beyond”.

There is a very important point here that during the childhood years you saw nothing really wrong in what was going on and looked at from a purely logical point of view what was wrong with it? The custom of the child bride is worldwide. Still today we worship the pre-pubescent body. Our women must be hairless and smooth all over and even the male homosexual falls into this trap. None of our adult odours are acceptable. More than odd, it is downright peculiar! Read more…

A Matter of Abuse

I received this from someone and with their permission now post it as I believe it will serve many people. I shall post my reply in a  few days.

Hi Christopher

To start at the beginning and this is a very dusty box. At the age of around 3 my grandparents used to come over for Sunday lunches and afterwards a lie down was indicated with Gramps. From cuddling this progressed to touching and then fondling and his release. How insidious when the message is supposedly “love’. This went on for a period of 9 years, It was ‘our secret’ for which I was compensated with comics, sweets, and so much extra attention from this ‘loving’ relative.  Our close relationship was often commented on as being so special..One of my earliest memories came back to me of having my hands soiled by this man’s passion and that is why to this day I hate getting my hands dirty, even through handling food or the soil. A dramatic and not pleasant recollection. This went on until I started maturing and he desired more so I promptly manifested acute appendicitis on the anticipated due date of consummation. After that it was a cat and mouse game with just a little being offered for the payments received. Of course being violated of innocence made me a very aware little girl and 2 or 3 other male sods along the way picked up on this and also tried their input in various ways. The very sad thing is that I did not really think it was wrong at all and as long as I was  getting what I wanted out of it so what, the whore principal. One day, a Sunday, the family were all having lunch and my dad was carving the chicken, I said loudly and clearly that I was not going to lie down after lunch as I did not want Gramps to touch me any more!! Well, I do remember seeing the chicken fly through the air with huge force and after that it is a blank save a lot of loud yelling. I was sent to my room.
My mother came in later and told me I was a liar and a trouble maker and her father would never do anything like that. I was ungrateful and did not deserve all the nice things he did and gave me.
Shortly after that my grandparents left Johannesburg and moved to a farm.

For some weird reason my parents planned to move here too and I was put into boarding school. I then proceeded to put on 15 kg in 1 term as I would then be fat and thus unattractive to the male sex. As my folks were still in Johannesburg I had to go to the farm for the first holiday. There was no running water and I was washing my hair in a tin bath with a pot ladling the water over myself when he came up behind me and pressed himself against me and said he could do what he liked now, as no one would believe me anyway. And he liked my new curves. I rounded on him as if I was a banshee, screamed my head off and told him if he ever touched me again I would kill him! There was no doubt in my mind or his that I was deadly serious. This was the end of the line. I refused to ever go there again. I did not attend his funeral.
As he had always said to me, I would look after him, see to his perverse wishes if I loved him I vowed that day to look after his three women, my gran, aunt and mother, as a defiant mandate of care, but I would see him in hell.

What followed were very unhappy teenage year’s , a  period of doubt, overweight, drinking, promiscuity, and always the feeling of having to keep separate in case anyone found out what a whore I was. I had many boyfriends none of whom actually meant anything, as I never allowed total closeness other than physical.

When I was 21 I met a man whom I married and the rest is History.

Well that’s my sad little saga, finally out in print, after two vomits and one cup of tea. I remember you telling the one lass that was on Chalice when I assisted that she had let 3 minutes, not even, of a rape by a cousin affect her whole life. Well guess what? I have done the same, but I really now want to move forward without these memories lurking like dark shadows to ambush me every now and then.

Talk to me.

Business is crazy………

Business is crazy……
I cannot help but be reminded of the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. Well that we most certainly are – including it seems, the Chinese.
There is no doubt that Business is really taking some hard knocks. I see from the msnbc headlines that I get each day; another giant is going to the wall. Nortel has applied for bankruptcy protection. The other d ay I read that Barclays was going to lay off “1000’s”. The list is very, very long indeed and more than little depressing. Getting rid of staff (interesting word that – it means “support” in one way or another) is one of the traditional remedies that business has always followed. When it gets tough, business goes about the busyness of getting rid of what it has, until then, been calling its “greatest asset” (is there a CEO on the planet that does not say that, sometime, somewhere?) – it’s people. People are “fired” and there are people out there who make a very good living making sure that this is done as cheaply as is possible – always, of course, sticking strictly to the letter of the law! The great pundit Mr Jack Welch is on record as saying that at any given time some 10% of the workforce is not making that much contribution to the bottom line so they can safely be gotten rid of – fired. So when you have gotten rid of one lot of 10% you can presumably wait a little and then get rid of the next 10% – and so on – until you have no one left? Or must you hire again in the interim so that the 10% is always there?
These times are going to require different solutions and for so long as we do things the same old way we will get the same old result. This is insane and we are seeing the results of this insanity every day!
Nobody really knows for sure and there is a suggestion that the phrase “to be fired” was, once upon a time, a literal event. When your village, tribe or community was fed up with you for some reason or another, they drove you out of the community and “fired” your home – set fire to everything you owned. You were deprived of your means of livelihood. Drastic but simple and on the face of it effective. The community got rid of the irritation. The person concerned must have left in despair and bitterness – and likely led the next raiding party as it swept into the valley seeking revenge. An empty belly does not prompt a reasonable response. And the cycle is perpetuated. It is rather akin to amputating an arm because it fails to throw the ball where you want it to go. Insane.
Right now we are seeing similar insanity. Business is not doing business – or least not as much as it would like. So it “fires” people and these people are going back into society resentful, bitter, angry and will not be very good customers for whatever business business wants to do. Simply put. Business cannot do healthy business in an unhealthy society and this is precisely what business is busy creating – a very unhealthy society indeed. We see the pit looming and promptly get out the shovels to dig it deeper.
Is there another way? There always is and it is not always going to be the easy way. Rather than cutting the limb off because it does not behave the way we want it to why not do something about making the limb more efficient? Is there not a way of making the staff, in which considerable amounts of time effort and money have already been invested, more productive and more of a support?
Our staffs are business’s biggest asset and support system. Right now business needs to be investing even more in them to make them more productive and more efficient and better customers.
Want to engage in a conversation as to how? Drop us a line at and let us see what we can come up with. I believe it can be done and we will have to be bold – very bold.

Jottings on Tolle and The New Earth

Jottings on The New Earth by Tolle

Tolle concerns himself a great deal with what he calls the Ego and has some very interesting and also valuable comments on this aspect of our psyche. However he appears to fall into the trap of making the Ego if not the only, certainly the main source of our ills as a species and something that must be done away with in some way or another. For me it is difficult to envisage anything that is so much part of us, whether it be Ego or Anger or Fear – and all these indubitably are very much part of us – as in any way bad or something to be gotten rid of. What we surely need to look at is the way in which we deal with or manage these energies. All are part of the skill set we are given and therefore presumably need for our existence here in the physical plane and we will surely diminish ourselves in some way if we do in fact succeed in actually eliminating them. Tolle says at page 78 that “ego and awareness are incompatible”. There is a problem with this statement because as soon as you say this you create an arena in which Ego and Awareness are now antagonists with Ego being, in some way or another, in conflict with Awareness – and vice versa of course. According to Tolle it seems that as we become more aware then Ego will somehow vanish. Would anyone argue with the idea that it appears that we do not have to be taught how to have an Ego or to be Angry or Fearful? These are part of us. What is not part of us and what we DO have to be taught is how to be loving, kind, gentle, empathetic and the rest!
What we should rather be looking at is the reality that for anything to be strong it needs – yes needs – something to counter, to strive against. Jesus was in (according to the Gospels) in pretty much continual “war” with the Devil or Evil and spent quite a lot of His time “driving it out” in one way or another. Buddha was always aware of and seeking to “put down” or “contain” the self or ego. It is precisely this PROCESS of wrestling that gives form and existence to what we call Life. Victory or elimination of either one cannot be the aim or desire. The problem that we are faced with is not the elimination of the Ego. In that direction lies true insanity for we will destroy the very alembic within which the process of Life itself takes place, but rather to learn to live with and manage – not control – it. This requires great Awareness. Awareness and Ego can rather be seen as engaged in some amazing and wonderful dance rather than a conflict.
In the desert Jesus neither destroyed Satan, nor did He ask his Father to, though presumably either one of these actions would have been well within his ability and available to Him. He put him behind him where presumably he remains to this day as His shadow. Something that throws no shadow is in either perpetual darkness or has no real existence.
If we go back to the idea that I have expressed elsewhere that we are essentially schizophrenic in nature – with the Being on the one hand and the Human on the either and that the relationship between these two is at best an uneasy alliance, that both wrestle with – the dance I referred to above – then what Tolle calls the Ego is actually the energy created by this relationship. When two things get together in a relationship a third thing comes into existence and that is the Relationship or, in this case, what we can call the Ego. It is this PROCESS of learning to accommodate and live within the Relationship of Human to Being that is the very stuff of Life itself. Our problem is not the existence of the Ego – this is both vitally necessary and the inevitable result of the process of incarnation or birth – but rather our lack of Awareness on what is actually taking place when we arrive here via the birth process and our resultant lack of skill in managing the situation in which we find ourselves as the composite or meld that we call a “Human Being”.
We can only theorise as to why this extraordinary relationship between the Being – the god-nature – and the Human, or animal-nature came into existence at all. There are however some useful pointers in our mythology. We can look primarily at the Graeco-Roman myths simply because these are the most easily accessible, though there is a golden thread that connects the myths of all origins.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of the gods of myth – and these are the archetypes to whom we relate – is that they are simply not friendly and anything but well disposed to one another. At best their relationships with each other can be described as fractious. They are most decidedly not characterised by the qualities of Love, Gentleness, Kindness, Friendship, Compassion – it is quite a long list – that we say we value. If we look at the mythology that has been handed down to us most of the time, what we call the gods, appear to be at war with one another or at best in uneasy alliances and quite willing to, sometimes literally, stab each other in the back on very slight provocation. There is a quite remarkable absence of the qualities that I mentioned earlier. What there most decidedly is, is a fierce individualism and a drive to realise and give effect to the Self –can we say Ego? They really do not seem to have too much time for one another. The whole idea of relationship as we understand it and demand from one another is largely foreign to the gods of our mythology. Paradoxically we admire the fierce individualism and other egotistical characteristics the gods epitomise and call forth.
It seems that we must look to our Human or Animal side for the other characteristics that we admire. From what we can gather of our evolutionary past there seems to little doubt that we would simply not have survived had we not learnt to live in groups. Perhaps because of the animal heritage of having to cooperate for our very survival what has come down to us from our Human side is the caring, gentleness, kindness, companionship, sharing, empathy, cooperation, caring – in fact all the characteristics that we sum up with that word numinous Love.
The power of the Human Being lies in the ability that we must apparently learn and that is to meld the fierce individualism or Ego of the Being with the Love of the Human. It is in the combination that our real Divinity lies and it is here that our challenge lies. To do away with either will not serve. Awareness of the vast wonderful, exciting, painful, magical process that we are engaged with is the key and the creation of this Awareness is that first challenge that we must all undertake. This is Life.

Do you need a relationship with god?

For so long as we see God, Allah, Jehovah, Brahma,Life – call it what you will – as somehow separate from us, a No-thing, that we have to work hard at having a relationship with, we make a mock of the concept that we have thrust at us on a daily basis – THAT GOD ( and all the other words that we use) IS PART OF US AND WE ARE PART OF GOD. If I am part of that God and that god is part of me, then there is no separateness and therefore there can be no relationship to work on. What I do have to work at is simply expressing that divinity of which we are all a part and which is in each and every one of us. For so long as I feel that I have to work at the relationship with God then I deny the promise contained in the words of Jesus of Nazareth at John 10:34 “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Gods?” and again at 10:38 “that the Father is in me and I in him”. Read more…