Education and the Wonder and Mystery of the Child

The now late John D McDonald was a prolific author of a series of novels that probably end up in the “Crime” section of libraries and book shops.  He wrote a highly popular series where the main character was Travis McGee who lived in a house boat called the “Busted Flush” which was moored at […]

What it means to be Human.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN One of the ideas that come up from time to time when this conundrum is considered is that “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience”. We tend to nod sagely without really examining the implications of that statement. If we use our mythology as a yardstick it is apparent […]


I was recently asked to talk to a group of teachers about how to both approach their pupils with Respect and how to also inculcate the ethic of Respect into those same children. This particular group of teachers were teaching 6-8 year olds. Tricky? Of course just about anything to do with young children is […]

The Paradox of Selfishness

Those of you who have attended The Harlequin Experience will remember that one of the ideas that I put forward for consideration is that life is a selfish process. This is not an easy idea to grasp for several reasons. First it cuts right across the ideas of conventional society that one of the greatest […]

Forgiveness, The myth

There is nothing wrong with the concept of forgiveness as such ,what does matter is the energy behind act of forgiveness. There are two ideas that we need to wrestle with here. The first is the one expressed in the short story of “The Little Soul” ( you can Google this – wish I had […]

The Wolf Dream

I quite often feature in peoples dreams and I get up to some odd antics. More often than not the dream has little or nothing to do with me and I am nothing more than a symbol of something or another that is going on in the dreamer’s life. However every now and again one […]

SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The news item below comes from an emagazine I subscribe to called Gizmag which is presumably a combination of “gizmo” or gadget and magazine. It is full of some really interesting snippets and I came across this one which fairly took my breath away for the sheer breadth and width for that matter, of its […]

Distressed Property Sales

It is perhaps not too fanciful to say that our whole financial system is built on the the concept of the Mortgage. After all the whole financial edifice came crashing down when people started defaulting on their mortgage payments and the tsunami like effects of that are still being experienced. The principal behind the concept […]

The Starling

I was sitting in the airport in Cape Town recently waiting for my flight to open when I heard a very familiar whistle. Despite its familiarity it was more than a little startling simply because it was so out of place. As I know a reasonable amount about our avifauna it was not difficult to […]

They Owe You!

That your deal with them is strictly one-sided. Whether they were aware of it or not the protocol requires them to do their best to support you in the fulfilment of your game plan. It is they who need to learn how to do that. Ignorance of the protocol is no excuse and will not […]