The Wolf Dream

I quite often feature in peoples dreams and I get up to some odd antics. More often than not the dream has little or nothing to do with me and I am nothing more than a symbol of something or another that is going on in the dreamer’s life. However every now and again one pops that seems to not only have relevance for the dreamer but also for me. I have their permission to share this dream with you and also my take on it.

Here is the dream as they told it me:

“Had a dream about you on Saturday night…

We were on a Vista – a few people around, not sure how many but not a big group.  It was night time and we were all sitting in line next to each other with you in front, sideways of us, facing to our right.  A black wolf came from behind and put its paws on your shoulders.  There was no fear from anybody, but more surprise.  In a way, not with words or speaking, you let us know to just stay calm.  But the wolf took his paws off you and walked around your left side and left without actually doing anything more.”

The first thing to remember is that very seldom do we have dreams about the fate of other people. We do and they are quite rare. Mostly our dreams are relevant mainly to us and our circumstances though we might people the dream with all sorts of characters and circumstances that are significant to us. In this dream it is a bit of a mixture. Mostly about the person who did the dreaming and -I like to feel – a little about me!

I shared the dream with Melony and her first reaction was “For goodness sake do not go and die just yet!” A reasonable trap considering the archetypes the dream was peopled with. Wolf – the fierce killer. Black – often the sign of Death. Left – the sinister side etc.etc. There is however more to it than that. There are several striking aspects of the dream.

First. The group was small. The truth will always be available to only a few. As it says in the words of “Time” –“With this Knowledge comes the responsibility of sharing it.” It serves no one and it in fact will be very damaging for us to be exposed to a truth that we are not equipped to handle. We do not attempt to teach Differential Calculus to Grade One’s! For me this also simply confirmation that working with small numbers as we do, while it brings it own difficulties, is the way it should be.

Second. The group looks to the Right and this is where the Light or Truth shines and make visible that which is hidden. However..

Third. All Truth or Light is sourced in the Dark. As we discuss often enough the most powerful thing we have to work with is our Dark side or what we call in The Harlequin Experience, the FLOP. Creation started in the Dark – after all She (sic) said “Let there be Light”, so She was obviously operating in the Dark. The Dark is the Source of our Power. Without it there would be no need for or possibility of Light. The Dark or Night is also where we go to rest and recharge. We always seek out a Shadow place when we are tired. We do not tend to sit in the Sun and when we do we protect ourselves against it with sunblock! We need to stop seeing the Dark as Evil. The two are not the same.  Good and Evil are simply different manifestations of the same Power that is sourced in the Dark and it is we who decide how that Power is going to manifest.

Fourth. As an Archetype the Wolf is the wise Teacher and the bearer of a Truth. Please note that I write “a Truth” not “the Truth”! Ruthless? Yes. Wolves cull their prey species – ruthlessly. They remove the old, those who have given upon life, the sick and the injured and they keep the population down to environmentally acceptable levels by also preying on the young, especially those born to less than competent parents. It is this ruthlessness that contributes to the health of the species. Not everyone can deal with or stand up to the Truth. A good Teacher needs must also be ruthless and paradoxically, nurturing and caring. There is much written on this aspect of the Wolf.

Fifth. For me it is clear that the dream is saying to you, the dreamer, that you are exactly where you need to be in relation to me and what I teach. The atmosphere is peaceful and non- threatening and while you are wary (as you should be about any teaching!) you are at the same time at ease.

Sixth. As it applies to me. The fact that the Wolf acknowledged me by placing his paws on my shoulders, lifts my heart. I am often smitten by doubts as to the validity of what I do and teach and for me the dream confirms that what I teach has, at least, some validity for some few people.

Thank you for that and also for allowing me to share. Namaste.

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