They Owe You!

That your deal with them is strictly one-sided. Whether they were aware of it or not the protocol requires them to do their best to support you in the fulfilment of your game plan. It is they who need to learn how to do that. Ignorance of the protocol is no excuse and will not free them from the results of failing in their stated (even if only implied) and willingly assumed task of providing you with food, shelter, education and above all else an example that is worthwhile following. All that is required of you is to be whom and what you are. The reality is that there is very little else that you can do. For quite a while your freedom of action is severely circumscribed by your physical limitations. You cannot really take on the world for quite a while and neither can you express what your desires are or what your point of view is in any really coherent way. You simply do not have the vocabulary. It can be argued that this is pretty much the state of affairs until you attain majority. Man-made laws support this idea in some way or another and while the age varies slightly from society to society we have all sorts of legal and other limitations until we do attain the age of majority. The ball for the game that you are all playing is very much in their court, not yours.  The difficulty comes when they fail or at best fall short on what they actually undertook to do. You pretty much have to simply handle whatever they throw your way and all that you have in order to do that is the scraps you picked up from them. This pretty much throws you back on your own considerable resources and fortunately you are very well equipped. So despite the fact that while it seems safe to say that the relationship between you and you parents is quite unique in that it is completely one-sided and you are in many ways on your own all is not lost. So get busy!

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