If you know where we are going – please tell me…….

What a large number of the prophecies are saying – and some of these come from a very long time ago and from totally unrelated cultures and backgrounds indeed – is that it is going to be change of a very sudden and very rapid nature in the very near future. Change like that is […]

Diversity Workshop

Can you imagine a planet where everything was the same colour and the shape? Imagine if there were no mountains or valleys and that all we had were flat, never-ending plains? Imagine if those self-same plains and everything that grew on them were exactly the same colour. Let us not even go into the animal […]

Hot Chocolate

This short story is not original to me and what I have done is fiddled with it a bit to illustrate a point about our relationships. Look carefully at your relationship. Are you drinking the chocolate the other person has to offer or are you complaining about the way in which they present what they […]

The Quantum World

The Propositions of the Quantum World. Life has no interest in your losing. Life will not give you something you cannot handle. Life will always give you everything you need to handle what you are confronted with. Life will always support you in it’s way. If you say you can’t, Life will agree with you. […]

The Only thing that is “Cool” is a Corpse

One of more remarkable expressions that is enjoying currency – especially, and not only, among our young people – these days is the word “Cool”. It is an awful, and very direct reflection, of where we see ourselves.

The “Ouch” Pointers on Parenting

Some thoughts on Parenting. Be very clear as to why you are having children. It is a 20 year one sided commitment. They owe you nothing. Do some study about who and what you are. That way you can be the guide and mentor you have undertaken to be. Treat them as you would like […]